Make A WordPress Bitcoin Faucet


Make A WordPress Bitcoin Faucet

Here is a complete simple tutorial on how to make a wordpress bitcoin faucet. Very easy and simple to follow instructions to make your bitcoin faucet using wordpress. So why wordpress? WordPress have many security options a faucet owner can implement to prevent bot to collect from their faucet. In my opinion it is much safer that other faucet scripts out there today.

The template of a wordpress bitcoin faucet depends on the faucet owner who will choose the template before hand. There are thousands of templates to choose from and if were talking about wordpress than almost all the templates are responsive. Even visitors from a phone can use the faucet and collect coins. A faucet owner can fully customize his faucet design and pick the security necessary to keep his faucet safe.

Here’s a short tutorial on how to make a wordpress bitcoin faucet. Currently you can make a litecoin and a dash faucet using 99bitcoin’s plugin. But for now lets stick with bitcoin first, I will make other tutorial regarding the other two coins in later time.

How To Make A WordPress Bitcoin Faucet

1. Domain Name – you can get it Here. If you’re making a faucet you need a domain name. If you want free subdomain is fine also but don’t expect advertisers to advertise in your site. Domain name will only cost you $0.48 a year, so I think it is affordable for anyone.

2. You will need a hosting provider you can get it Here, or we have a discount in hostgator, you only need to pay starting at $3.98 per month.

If you already have a domain name and a hosting provider then we can continue with the installation. We need to install wordpress first and then after that we are adding the plugin for the bitcoin faucet.

3. Install wordpress into your domain name. After you install wordpress please return here for the bitcoin faucet installation.

Installing Bitcoin Faucet Plugin

There are some bitcoin faucet plugins and we will start with 99bitcoin faucet plugin. This plugin is created by and it is a very clean and maintained plugin. Recently they add other altcoins support like litecoin and dash. You can make a faucet for each coin but with different wordpress website. You can not install three coins in one wordpress website because it is not supported yet. For this tutorial we will only discuss bitcoin faucet.

Make A WordPress Bitcoin Faucet add plugin


1. Download the plugin and upload it in Plugin, then click Add New button at the top of the page, a new panel.

2. Click the crypto faucet and select faucet. A new page will open and you need to enter the necessary information needed so that your bitcoin faucet would function correctly.

  • Enter the referral commission – depends on how much you want to reward your members that brought in new members to your site.
  • Payout timer – how many times a member can collect bitcoin. Note that 300 is equal to 5 minutes every member can claim on your faucet.
  • 24h submit limitation – how many times a member can claim with in the period of 24 hours.
  • Captcha – to add security to your faucet.
  • Other option – you can decide the other factors that will affect your faucet. You can either check it or not it is up to you. There are no wrong choice in these options, it is up to the faucet owner how he wants to run his bitcoin faucet site.
  • Check Balance

    3. Do not close the page and open a new tab and create a new page and name it bitcoin-faucet and check-balance. In the Urls place the page you just created. So in Faucet page you will add /bitcoin-faucet and in the Check address page you will add /check-balance. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click save changes.

    Go to support tab and copy the codes then paste it in your created pages. All of the shortcode needs to be in the bitcoin-faucet page and only the btc-faucet-address-check should be place in the check-balance page.

    Payout Configuration

    4. In the currency tab you need to place the price that will give to your members and along with the chance of getting the reward.

    5. In the configuration tab you need to enter your faucethub API key so your faucet can pay visitors using their faucethub account. If you don’t have a faucethub account yet you can sign up Here.

    Now open your wordpress website and go to your bitcoin-faucet page. It should be working now. To earn from your bitcoin faucet you need to apply for a publisher account in bitcoin advertising networks. To convert your traffic into cash.

    Download Plugin

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