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How Do I Create A New WordPress Site?

If your new to blogging or just want to make your own website, you most likely is asking yourself how do I create a new wordpress site? Making a wordpress site now is very simple. Even if you don’t know how to code or never study difficult programming language you can still make a working wordpress website in a couple of minutes. Before you can make a website there are some requirements. The first requirement is, you need a domain name. The second requirement is, you need a web host to run your website. If you have both then you can proceed with installing wordpress.

How Do I Create A New WordPress Site and Why WordPress?

“WordPress is the best blog system today”

Meaning as soon as you make changes on your site, you will see the changes that you make in real time and at same screen. So if you applying a color or size of text to your site. You can see it while your customizing site, If ever you do not like the color all you need to do is choose another one and see if suits your preference. WordPress is better than any website builder out there because website builders have limited function and are expensive. You will not need a website maker, a website builder or free website design. There are many wordpress you can use for free.

“With wordpress no coding skill are needed”

When you learn how to create one website and it is installed with wordpress. You can create as many websites as you want. But be sure your hosting package can handle the load on your server. usually shared hosting plan can only handle three wordpress websites.

Website Design

When you install wordpress you can design it the way you want. You’ll be able to do it yourself without the need to code. Your website will be responsive as soon as you set it up. Responsive websites change the column and rows depending on the device use to open the website. When phone is use the website creates rows so the person viewing the website will see all the contents. It will adjust automatically on the screen resolution.

How Do I Create A New WordPress Site?

Here is the answer to your question “how do I create a new wordpress site?”. We made sure that everyone can understand and follow these simple instructions. Now lets begin installing wordpress. I will use namecheap as the domain register and use their hosting for this tutorial. Why? Because their plan only cost $9.88 for the first whole year and their domain’s cheapest price is $ 8.88. So price does matter and namecheap is currently offering the cheapest service.


1. Domain Name Registration – Get it here

2. Hosting Provider – Get it here

You need to have your own domain name and a hosting provider to create your own wordpress site. Registration of a new a domain name is simple and very easy. If you already have these two requirements, then you can proceed with the tutorial.

Steps In Creating A WordPress Website

1. Log in to your cpanel and look for the softaculous Apps Installer. You can find it at the upper left section of your screen.

namecheap cpanel how do I create a new wordpress site?

Softaculous apps installer is a free apps and service that allows any members to install different kinds of software to your website. It is very easy to use, you only need to push some buttons to install your desired application.

2. Click wordpress to continue with the installation.

wordpress install how do I create a new wordpress site?

3. A new page will open and you need to enter the necessary information to each box.

  • Choose Protocol – Choose how your domain name is display in the address bar on your browser.
  • Choose Domain – The name of your domain name.
  • In Directory – Leave it blank so your wordpress would be setup in your root directory of you domain.
  • Site Name – It’s up to you.
  • Site Description – It’s up to you.
  • Username – It’s up to you
  • Password – It’s up to you
  • Email – The email address you prefer. When there is a problem with your site notofication will be sent to the email you specify here.
  • wordpress how do I create a new wordpress site?

    It will only take 2-3 minutes to install wordpress. After installation click the link to your admin panel. Enter the username and password you created. Now try to open your site, it should have a working wordpress installed on it and already have a active template.

    wordpress admin panel how do I create a new wordpress site?

    WordPress Templates

    To change the way your website look. You can choose from hundreds of free template. You only need to click the Appearance then Themes and then click the button Add New. A masonry view of free template will show. You only need to hover on the theme that you like and click Install. After the installation just click activate and your site will change appearance depending on the theme that you choose.

    wordpress themes how do I create a new wordpress site?

    You can try any theme that you want until you find the right one for you. You can change the way your website look everyday without coding.

    WordPress Plugins

    WordPress plugins are use as extra function for your site. You can get the plugins by clicking the Plugins menu then Add New at the left of your admin panel. IF you want security for you website you ill be the one to decide what kind of security you want to install. Use the search to look for the plugins that you want. If you search for a keyword Security. All of the plugins that provide security will be shown.

    wordpress plugins how do I create a new wordpress site?

    Before you install a plugin always ready the review of other who already tried the plugin. There are some plugins that can ruin your site. Always install plugins that are compatible with the version of your wordpress. If it is not compatible choose other that offers the same service. You can see if it is compatible or not below the plugin beside the reviews. In order for the plugin to work you need to activate it. The activate button will appear after the plugin installation.

    Customizing Your Site

    To customize your site in real time or in the front end just click Appearance then click Customize. The changes that you will make will immediately reflect the appearance of you website. Change the necessary information that you want and change the design using customizer.

    wordpress logo how do I create a new wordpress site?

    You can change everything in your site in this section and also design your website without breaking a sweet. Play around with your site and try new themes and plugins. In no time you will know the ins and out of wordpress. We hope we answer your question “how do I create a new wordpress site?” Now you know how to create a wordpress website. Congratulations!

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