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Free Bitcoin Mining

Free bitcoin mining with Eobot. What is Eobot? The website has been working since 2013 and is based in the U.S. Eobot is a website which allows the trading between cyptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Peercoin, Primecoin, Blackcoin and other coins.

Eobot is a cloud mining website, cloud mining is of cryptocurrency using online websites that offers a contract to mine cryptocurrencies. This contracts have different price depends on what currency you want to mine or how long is the duration of the contract want. All you need to do is invest some money in order to buy the said contacts or shares. By doing it also frees your hands because by using cloud mining contracts you can free yourself of the hassle of handling the hardware which was required for mining. This frees your hands and you can take your mind out of problems which come with handling mining hardware.

Free Bitcoin Mining With Eobot

Eobot being a cloud mining site, many people hesitate from choosing to deposit some money in the site because some cloud mining sites have turned to scams but Eobot has been in the business for a long time and has a clean record up to now.

eobot faucet free bitcoin mining

How To Start Mining

1. You will need a bitcoin wallet. Get it here for free -> Link

2. Register for a free eobot account. Regiser for free – > Link

3. Everyday get rewards in eobot’s faucet and exchange it for mining power. See image above for reference.

4. Exchange your reward for hashpower to mine free coins. See image belowe for reference.

5. Pick the coins you want to mine. You can choose any coin in your account dashbord.

free bitcoin mining eobot exchange

In Eobot you can track your progress in real time. It displays your mining speed and your current balance as it rises. Here you can also directly use your accumulated funds in mining into more mining power.

free bitcoin mining amount

This gives you the opportunity to use your initial investment to last for a long time. It has more than 20 types of cryptocurrencies. This feature gives you a wide set of choices on which coin you want to invest on. The fun part is that you don’t really need to use your own money to invest here. You can accumulate the balance of the faucets you collect on and use the coins to invest here. This helps you increase your cryptocurrency for free.

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