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Bitcoin Faucet Scripts

To run your own bitcoin faucet you will need a bitcoin faucet scripts. We have a collection of faucet scripts and we differentiate each one. Choose what you think is the right one for you. If you want you can try them all and then decide what really suit you best.

All of the bitcoin faucet scripts in our list are working and have demo you can access for reference. We will add more if there are new faucet scripts release.

List of Bitcoin Faucet Scripts


Faucetsystem bitcoin faucet script is free. It is own by faucetsystem that is their official bitcoin faucet script for their microwallet. The distinct feature of this script is that it has built in anti-bot to secure your faucet against bot claimers.

faucet scripts faucetsystem


  • Original AntiBot System – No need to install a separate antibot system.
  • Jackpot system – Can be disable and enable depends on the faucet owner. Jackpot price increase depending on the number of claims on the faucet.
  • Support for reCaptcha and SolveMedia – Depends on the owner preference, but it has the option to use one of the captchas.
  • Increase or decrease payouts depending on visitor’s country.
  • Using the admin panel fauet owners can easily insert advertising blocks inside all three pages.
  • Option to ban IPs and addresses – If the faucet owner found out the certain IP’s are cheating.
  • Supports only bitcoin faucet.

Download FaucetSystem Script


Bitcoin faucet script that belongs to faucetbox.com, but since it close their faucet script is still widely use. It is easy to customize and can be with either faucethub of faucetsystem microwallet. You need to download the r69 version and the update r84 version.

bitcoin faucet scripts faucet in a box


  • Supports two micro wallets namely faucehub and faucetsystem.
  • Supports three captcha systems: SolveMedia / reCAPTCHA / FunCaptcha.
  • Very easy to customize the templates.
  • Bot protection from NastyHosts and WaterfallManager.
  • Ability to ban IP or crypto wallet.
  • Supports multiple coin faucets.

Download Faucetinabox

Alpha Faucet Script

This faucet script supports dual micro wallets, it can add faucethub’s API and so does Faucetsystem and let visitors collect on both. It doesn’t need a database to run. Anti-adblocks are also included in the script.

alpha faucet


  • No need for database.
  • Easy to create another faucet by compressing the already installed faucet and uploading it to another domain.
  • Can be use with dual microwallet at the same time.
  • Advance Proxy, VPN blockerand and Anti-adblocker.
  • Quick blocking IP address for those who failed to enter the captcha for 3 times.
  • Supports only ReCaptcha
  • Integrate with ProLink API for extra income when visitors click short link.
  • Sending user’s IP to microwallet, this will help you to prevent frauds.
  • Supports only bitcoin faucet.

Download Alpha Faucet Script


Bitcoin faucet script with a clean and unique design. There are three design to choose from. Last ten recent payouts are shown and it has short link support.



  • Supports multiple shortlinks for extra earning.
  • Three templates to choose from and can shift to another theme by entering either 1, 2, or 3, on the config.
  • Supports captcha and reCaptcha.
  • Supports multiple coin faucets.

Download Coinbox

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