Manual Faucet List


Manual Faucet List

Moremoney5 MinutesDirect To Wallet

Coinadster5 MinutesDirect To Wallet

Bitsfree BTC5 MinutesDirect To Wallet

Bitsfree Doge5 MinutesDirect To Wallet

Bitspilot5 MinutesDirect To Wallet

Autofaucet0 MinutesExpress Crypto

Autoclaim0 MinutesExpress Crypto

FaucetCrypto0 MinutesEC - FP

Allcoins5 MinutesDirect To Wallet

Cointiply5 MinutesDirect To Wallet

Satoshilabs5 MinutesDirect To Wallet

Worldofbitcoin5 MinutesDirect To Wallet

Getyourbitcoin5 MinutesDirect To Wallet

Freebitco.in60 MinutesDirect To Wallet

Dogemate1440 MinutesExpress Crypto

Manual faucet list is a webpage that has a list of stable and paying cryptocurency faucet. We update our bitcoin manual faucet list every week to ensure that there are no dead links. Get your free cryptocurrency every minute. Just enter your cryptocurrency wallet address and solve the captcha to earn free cryptocurrency. You don’t need to buy cryptocurrency to own one. You can easily earn cryptocurrency by doing simple task such as collecting some in cryptocurrency faucets.


Express crypto free account to get your Unique ID. Unique ID will serve as your user account in every manual or autofaucet you visit. To convert your cryptocurrency into cash you will need a account.

1. Register an express crypto account – get it Here.

Generating a cryptocurrency wallet address

cryptocurrency wallets is free. It is a storage use to store your cryptocurrency. It can be an online cryptocurrency wallet provider, a paper wallet or offline wallets. Online wallets are websites that provide members with wallet address. Their blocks are always up to date so it is faster that offline cryptocurrency wallets. Offline wallets are programs you need to download in your computer. You have total control of your wallet because it is installed in your computer. The only downside is that offline wallets need to be updated regularly.

Free cryptocurrency Wallet

2. Register a wallet address – Get it Here.

To convert your cryptocurrency into cash you need a cryptocurrency wallet from Register to get your free account. Then login using your account details then click the BTC below the All wallet menu, click the QR icon then click the show my BTC address .

cryptocurrency auto faucet list

cryptocurrency faucet list

Trading Account

If you don’t want to convert your cryptocurrency into cash and want to trade online using your earned cryptocurrency from express crypto follow the steps below.

Register a trading account Get it Here.

Linking Wallet Addresses

To get you wallet address in your trading account and link it to your expresscrypto account is very easy. Linking your wallet address is very important. You wont get your coins and exchange it if you don’t link your wallet addresses first.

  1. After you register for a trading account click the Balance tab. You can easily locate it at the upper right part of the site. Just scroll down to see all the available cryptocurrencies that is available.  If it is available you will have a free wallet address for that certain coin.
  2. Click the deposit button to get your wallet address.

cryptocurrency wallet address

wallet address

You will need a expresscrypto account to get paid. Expresscrypto acts as a micro wallet. All your earnings in collecting free coins in faucets will be sent to expresscrypto so you wont pay much on coin transfer.

withdraw coins

2. After you have trading account, log in to your expresscrypto account and go to wallet addresses then click withdraw. Just enter your wallet addresses located at your trading account. You need to put the right wallet address in each coin. Just copy the wallet address from your livecoin account and paste it to the space provided in your expresscrypto account.

free cryptocurrency

Claiming Free Crypto

3.Claiming coins in faucets is very easy. Just enter your wallet address, solve the captcha and click the claim button.

how to earn crypto

All the coins that you collect in faucets will be place in your expresscrypto account dashboard. When it reach a certain amount, you can withdraw it to your cryptocurrency wallet. You can also exchange your coin for other coins in expresscrypto.

free cryptocurrency

Expresscrypto charge 5% fee on trades in any coins currency available in the exchange. You can also earn coins just by participating in the chat. Members and mods gives away free cryptos to everyone and they call it rain. Members can ask other members for crypto exchange as well. To earn more crypto you can learn to make your own faucet and earn from advertisers and make expresscrypto your micro wallet.

earning free cryptocurrency

Important: You can get your unique ID by going to your expresscrypto account dashboard. Just below your username in the upper right of the site. In order to collect free coins you will need your unique ID before you can collect coins.

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