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Domain Name Registration

Learn how to register your own domain name. This is part one tutorial on how to create a website. Part two is choosing the web hosting. Part three to create and setup the actual wordpress website. Domain name registration should be taken seriously. It is very important in website ranking and your business. If you register a domain and a buyer offer to buy that domain then you can easily profit from it. Domain name is very expensive specially with one word from the dictionary and has a .com or .net extension. Old domain names that is around for ten years above can easily be rank in google. Here are some domain names that have been sold in and each price.

What is Domain Name

If your making a website then it is necessary to get a domain name. “No domain name means no website“. Domain name is use as the name or address of a website. It can be letters, numbers or combination of both. Every domain is unique and can only be own by a single person or company for a certain period of time. Registered domain names stays with the registrant until he decide not to renew the fee. Domain name registration is very easy. It will only take you a couple of minutes to register or buy domain name for your website.

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    Domain Names

    Owning a domain name means you have to pay for the annual fee where you register you domain name. Different amount for different domain name. A .com domain name should have a $9-11 fee every year and a .net should have $9-12. Some domain name registrars often provides promo. They offer $0.88 for a year registration and the following year it will be different. So always look for the renewal fee before you register a domain name. Renewal fee is the amount you’ll gonna pay when the first year is finish. Premium domain names have a high amount in the initial registration but the renewal fee will be the same as other domain with the same extension.

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    Why is premium domain expensive to register? If a domain name is a single word, short and catchy then it should be a premium domain name. These domain names are easy to rank in any search engine and continuously add value. Domain name registrars determine if a domain name is premium or not.

    “Simple and fast domain name registration”

    There are many kinds of domain name extensions you can use to register your domains. The domain name is unique but you can register the same name with different extension. For example the domain name that you want is already taken instead of .com you can register a When you register a domain name you will encounter that the right name for your business is already taken. So you need to find other alternative domain name that reflects about your business.

    Types of Domain Names

    Top level domains are the highest level in domain name system (DNS). There are different types of Top level domain names.

    gTLD – generic Top Level Domain which are well know .com .net . org .info and anyone can register without any restrictions. These domain names are the most popular but it is hard to register the name that you want because almost all the good names are taken already. Among the websites that have the highest rank have gTLD. Number one in ranking as of today is number two is A .com domain name is as the king domain names and are the most expensive.

    Another one is Second level this is below the top level domain and have the two extensions but only have one word name or short brandable word. . Example is or

    The last one is the Third level is below the secondary level in terms of DNS hierarchy. Mostly consist of two words and have two extensions. Example or

    Subdomain is a part of a domain name in DNS. If you have any domain name then you can create a subdomain name for free. Domain name owners can create as many subdomains as they want, as an additional address or placeholder for their website.

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    DNS – Domain Name System

    DNS – Domain Name System is a service that translate your domain name into ip address. So when you enter to your browser the DNS translate the domain name into ip address to communicate to the network so you can open the page


    Domain name registration tips and simple guides for newbies. When you register a domain name usually you just enter your business name which beginners tends to do. This is somewhat correct depending on the domain name. If a register business name is sample and the sample word is already taken and the registrant add then this is wrong and domain names with more than 15 letters are hard to rank in search engines such as google, bing or yahoo. The best alternative is to register the word sample and get different extension for it. You can try,,, etc. If all the extensions are already taken then go with a brandable domain name.

    Brandable domain names are short, catchy and readable domain name that is not in the dictionary. The best example of this is Google is not a dictionary word and has no meaning, but when people hear it is automatically incorporates with search and search engine.

    domain name registration domain name generator

    Name Generator

    Domain name registration using name generator. There are free websites that offer service that recommends a domain name for visitors. You only need to enter the keyword that you like and the random name generator will do the rest and will give you a list of available domain names that you can register and still available. You can also do a domain check if the domain you want is already taken or can still be register.

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  • Buy Domain

    If you really want a certain domain name and it is already taken. You can still offer to buy the domain name by offering to buy it from the owner. Namecheap can hep you buy the domain name by helping you to contact the owner. If the domain name that you want is added to uniregistry the you can get the domain name that you want and buy it directly to them. This applies if the domain name has a price by if not, you can also offer an amount to the owner. If you want to find out who is the owner of the domain then you should access domain registrars whois domain service. This service will give you the information about the domain name age, date of expiration and the owner of the domain.

    Sell Domain

    If you want to sell your domain name for some reason there are may sites that can help you sell your domain name. One of these site is uniregistry which is very good in selling domain names. Uniregistry don’t need for registrant to transfer their domain name in order for them to add it in their market. Unlike other domain name sellers that domain name owners need to transfer their domain in their website.

    Auction Domain

    If you own a domain and you think that your domain is valuable. You can go to namecheap,godday or flippa to auction your domain name. You only need to register for free and transfer your domain to their site then place it on auction. The auction duration depends on the domain name owners. You can choose one week to months, depends on your preference. But in flippa you need to pay $10 to be able to add your domain name in their auction list. When the time of auction expire, you can deny or allow the offer. If you want to set a price for your domain so it can easily purchase by other members you can do so.

    Domain Name Valuation

    Some website offers free valuation of your domain name before you sell it in the market. Estibot is a domain name valuation website that give you estimate on how much your domain is. But estibot only allows members to valuate five domain names a day. Uniregistry have estibot integrated with their website that members can use as many times as they want. Members only need to access the market, add the domain name they want to valuate and click the valuate button. The older the domain name the price is higher and will rank better in search engines.

    Domain Name Registration

    Now you have ideas on how to register a domain name here are the best sites you can use to register your own domain names. These sites are have the trust of their members and the best among domain name registrants online today.

    Namecheap – is among the best domain name registrants because they offer the cheapest service and have a 24/7 support. They offer lifetime free whois guard. If you have a problem about the site or service you can hit the chat now button and immediately you’ll get support. The people providing support are competent and speaking for personal experience they are good and fast service. When I have problem with SSL it only took 10 minutes and my problem was solved. They will guide you step by step to fix your problem and answer your question clearly. They offer free SSL certificate to their members. The cheapest domain name they have for their members is $0.88. If you want to sell the domain name you register to the market just click the manage button, put the domain name information and click sell. Immediately your domain name will be place on their market place without paying any fee.

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  • Hostgator – is well know in website hosting but they also register domain names. Once you purchase domain hosting the domain name is included to the package when you pay for the hosting service.

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  • Free SSL
  • Domain Parking
  • Hosting

    After domain name registration you will need a web host to host your domain name. After you get a webhosting site, you will be able to create or make your own website.

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